Need some PyQt5 Help

Hi /learnpython,
I'm looking for some help with PyQt5, I'm pretty good with tkinter but have been trying to get into learning a more powerful GUI tool. Please don't shout at me for this obvious question.
I have been creating a tabbed GUI for an automated trader to be used with Binance (Crypto trading). I think i'm struggling with the parent / child relationships of it all. Code is below.
Right down at the bottom you'll see i'm trying to add a simple label to the summary tab i created. The label is called BitcoinPriceLabel. How do i then add that label to the Summary_Tab?

Thanks for the help!

import sys from PyQt5.QtWidgets import * #QApplication, QWidget from PyQt5.QtGui import *
class Example(QMainWindow):
def __init__(self): super().__init__()
def initUI(self): #This section adds all the items in initiation. #PosX, PosY, SizeX, SizeY self.setGeometry(100, 100, 1024, 768)
self.setWindowTitle('Jakes Python Binance Trader') self.setWindowIcon(QIcon('Binance_Logo.png')) self.statusBar().showMessage('Ready to go...') MainLayout=QVBoxLayout(self)
#Settings for tooltips QToolTip.setFont(QFont('SansSerif', 10))
#Button example #ExampleButton = QPushButton('The Button', self) #ExampleButton.setToolTip('This is an example Push Button') #ExampleButton.resize(ExampleButton.sizeHint()) #ExampleButton.move(50,50) self.CreateFileMenu() self.CreateTabs() self.CreateSummaryTab()
def CreateFileMenu(self): #This function defines all buttons on the menu bar and adds them to #The main window #Define actions to be added into the menu bar exitAct = QAction(QIcon('exit.png'), '&Exit', self) exitAct.setShortcut('Ctrl+Q') exitAct.setStatusTip('Exit application') exitAct.triggered.connect(qApp.quit)
def CreateTabs(self): self.MainWidget=QWidget(self) self.Tablayout = QVBoxLayout(self.MainWidget) Main_Window_Tab_Widget=QTabWidget(self)
#Define a bunch of tabs Summary_View = QWidget() Summary_View_Layout = QVBoxLayout(Summary_View) Main_Window_Tab_Widget.addTab(Summary_View,'Summary View')
Trade_Rules= QWidget() Trade_Rules_Layout = QVBoxLayout(Trade_Rules) Main_Window_Tab_Widget.addTab(Trade_Rules, 'Trade Rules')
Trade_Log= QWidget() Trade_Log_Layout = QVBoxLayout(Trade_Rules) Main_Window_Tab_Widget.addTab(Trade_Log, 'Trade Log')
Profit_Loss= QWidget() Profit_Loss_Layout = QVBoxLayout(Trade_Rules) Main_Window_Tab_Widget.addTab(Profit_Loss, 'Profit/Loss')
Settings_Tab= QWidget() Settings_Tab_Layout = QVBoxLayout(Settings_Tab) Main_Window_Tab_Widget.addTab(Settings_Tab, 'Settings')
#Add tabs to main window self.Tablayout.addWidget(Main_Window_Tab_Widget) self.setCentralWidget(self.MainWidget)
def CreateSummaryTab(self):
self.BitcoinPriceLabel = QLabel("Bitcoin / USD") How do I add this to the Summary Tab defined above?
if __name__ == '__main__': app = QApplication(sys.argv) ex = Example() sys.exit(app.exec_())

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